Other Trails & Destinations

Night Walk on the Mangrove Boardwalk

This is an easy stroll at night – if you’re lucky you’ll see the ‘Christmas tree lights’ of fireflies congregating on mangrove trees (these are known locally as api-api or “fire” trees). If the tide is in, you may see some phosphorescence as well. Bats, flying lemur, mouse deer, civet cats and the Bornean bearded pigs are also active at night time. Take a strong torchlight to try and spotlight these animals.

Beach Walk to Telok Delima at Low Tide

This is a very easy but fascinating, beautiful walk to do at low tide. Simply walk around the coastline from the left hand side of the bay of Telok Assam. The erosion patterns on the sandstone have exposed beautiful colours and created bizarre shapes; there are nooks and crannies in the rock throughout this area – some are quite deep and cavernous. The bay immediately to the left of Telok Assam is a frequently visited by proboscis monkeys. There are also rockpools to explore, and lots of hermit crabs.

Tanjung Sapi Trail

This short, steep trail from the south end of Telok Assam ascends the sandstone escarpment to a viewpoint overlooking the beach at Telok Assam, and out towards Santubong. It takes between 20-30 minutes one way and although steep, wooden stairs have been built to make the trail easier. Proboscis monkeys may be feeding in the trees along this trail – especially in the morning.

Telok Paku Trail

This trail follows the mangrove boardwalk and then branches off at the base of the sandstone escarpment from the Lintang Trail. The trail passes through cliff forest and requires some scrambling in parts, to get to the beach at Telok Paku (paku is the name for a type of edible fern). It takes between 45 minutes to 1hr, one way. The beach at Telok Paku is shallow and partly rocky. A pondok (shelter) has been built just back from the beach. Proboscis monkeys can sometimes be seen along this trail

Ulu Assam Trail

This trail starts from the boardwalk which leads back into the swamp forest at the southern end of Telok Assam. A short but trail walk climbs to a point with good views across Telok Assam to Santubong peninsula on the other side of the bay. One way walking time is about 1 to 1 1/4 hrs.

Telok Delima Trail

The Telok Delima Trail is a short trail branching off from the southern side of the Lintang Trail, near Park HQ. Together with the Lintang Trail, it follows the boardwalk through swamp forest, where there are many wild fruit trees, and climbs over a small ridge where proboscis monkeys often feed. The trail down to Telok Delima branches right at the base of the slope, beside a small stream, before descending into the mangroves. At low tide, it’s possible to walk through the mangroves and circle back around to the Park HQ following the coastline.

Telok Sibur TrailThis full day trek to Bako’s longest beach follows the initial part of the Lintang trail, then branches off with the trail to Tajor Waterfall. From the Tajor Waterfall, it takes about 45 minutes along the Telok Limau Trail, to reach the turnoff to the Telok Sibur Trail. You’ll cross several picturesque freshwater streams along the way to this point. From the turnoff on the Telok Limau Trail, it’s a steep 45-minute descent to the beach.