Other Trails & Destinations

Wildlife Viewing Trail (Matang)

This is the main trail in Matang, which goes past all the animal enclosures. It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to walk the trail, depending on how much time you spend looking at the animals. The enclosures are reasonably spread-out, and the trail passes through some pretty sections of secondary forest, where it is possible to see a number of the mountain’s famously diverse palms. The trail is quite steep and exposed in parts, and not recommended during the heat of the middle of the day – both you and the animals are likely to be uncomfortable and miserable (and a number of the animals may be hiding in shady spots). Morning and later afternoon are best. A good selection of native Bornean animals are on display (with the exception of proboscis monkeys, which you’ll have to go to Bako to see). Highlights include the orang-utans, the rhinoceros hornbills, crocodiles, civet cats and porcupines, amongst many others.


Sungai Senduk Trail (Matang)

This pleasant ½ day walk follows the initial leg of the Ulu Rayu Trail, on the MWC side. From MWC, it takes about 1.5hrs of walking through riverine forest, with many creek crossings, to ascend to a tributary of the Sungai Rayu. There’s a pretty waterfall, but at the time of writing it was choked with wood from a large tree fall and not accessible. The trail is mostly flat, with a little bit of up and down towards the end.


Sungai Rayu Waterfall Trail (Matang)

This beautiful ½ day walk from MWC commences from the picnic facilities next to the Sungai Rayu and initially follows the Pitcher Plant Trail for about 20 minutes. The trail then separates, continuing alongside the riverbank for another 1-1.5 hours, past exquisite swimming holes to, up to beautiful waterfalls. Giant squirrels frolic in the trees above the trail, leeches can be thick underfoot and frogs love the secluded waterfall at the top. The trail passes through secondary and riverine forest with some patches of dipterocarp rainforest. It is one of the prettier trails in the park, and a great spot to relax. The trail is mostly quite an easy gentle climb, following the riverbed, although there are a few relatively short ups and downs towards the top.


Gunung Serapi ‘Summit’ Walk (Kubah)

This popular ‘peak-bagging’ day-walk for Kuchingites follows the sealed road up the steep slopes of Gunung Serapi. It’s a bit of a plod but there’s a remarkable number of pondoks in which to rest. There’s some birdlife along this walk, as well as some interesting wild plants –pitcher plants, wild orchids, rattans and tree ferns to name a few. Although steep in sections, this 3 hour walk requires nothing more than stamina, patience and a tolerance for occasional cars or motor bikes which challenge tyre tread on some corners. The summit itself is not accessible to the public and barbed wire and armed guards ensure this. On the roadside below this facility, there’s a small building – follow the dirt track behind it to the right. It’s a short walk from here to a clearing with spectacular views (and another pondok) west over the park (this is the view featured in the Trekking Sarawak banner). Further on, next to a radio tower, a viewing platform has been built which provides fantastic views north-east over rugged terrain towards the Santubong Peninsula and Kuching.


Bukit Selang Trail (Kubah)

This 40 minute walk, initially following the Main (Palmarium) Trail treks up to a viewpoint on Gunung Selang, a nearby peak to Gunung Serapi. There are good views of Gunung Santubong and the coast from here.