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Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Under $100

When you consider the cost of boots, trekking poles, tents, and sleeping bags, hiking across the country might put a dent in your wallet.

But hold on.

Unless you’re going to need to survive -30 degrees in a harsh outdoor environment; you don’t have to spend 500 bucks on a heavy sleeping bag that could crush you under its weight.

I’ve been thinking about purchasing a lightweight sleeping bag that I could use on my trips to beautiful Turkish islands. Being a Mediterranean country and all, it has mild, gorgeous winters, with temperatures not exceeding 8-10 °C!!!

Speaking from experience, you probably wouldn’t even need a sleeping bag for this kind of temperature. But I still wanted something cheap, ultra-lightweight, easy to pack and carry around. After a long search and due diligence, I went with the cozy and beautiful looking Marmot Trestles 30 Mummy Sleeping Bag. I think it is the best ultralight sleeping bag you can buy under 100 dollars.

But there are still other great options on the market that are optimized for different climates, budgets and might suit your needs better.


What are the best ultralight sleeping bags under $100?

1. Marmot Trestles 30 

As I mentioned above, this is my bag of choice. 

It’s a high-loft insulated, standard mummy-style sleeping bag that promises a warm and soft sleep time. And boy, do they deliver on that promise! My first night in it was as comfortable as the boutique hotel I stayed the day before. I slept out on the beach without a tent. It was around 13degrees at night, and I actually got too warm. 

Please note that although it will keep you warm, it’s unfortunately not waterproof, which is not surprising for the price point. So you better set up your tent on dry ground. Other than that, there isn’t much bad to say about Marmot. It’s incredibly light at only 3 pounds, and unlike rectangle sleeping bags, it’s shaped after human anatomy. Giving you more wiggle room to move your legs and hands around a little, while not letting the hot air escape.

Unlike a couple of other sleeping bags that I own, putting it back in its container isn’t a 2 men’s job either. Just roll it as best as you can, put in the bag, and zip it.

Marmot Trestles 30 will probably be my best 3 season camping sleeping bag. 


2. Teton Sports LEEF +20°F 

That was my wife’s choice of sleeping bag due to its bright, high visibility green color. She thinks that it’s crucial we don’t get hit by a bunch of drunk driving teenagers offroading on the beach at night. Well, whatever helps her sleep at night (HA HA!).

Now I didn’t spend a full night in it… But counting on the fact that she didn’t wake me up in the middle of the night, threatening me with a brutal death unless we switched bags, I can tell that it’s a pretty damn comfortable and warm sleeping bag.

According to the manufacturer Teton, it’s EN rated up to 5F (-15C) but provides a very comfortable night up to 5C. Colder than that, and you’re stepping into the danger zone. You won’t freeze to death, but it’s not gonna be a comfortable sleep either.

For those of you who get cold feet, it has extra layers inside the foot box. Added insulation simply provides more heat around that area.

If you’re not much into neon green, it has full black, full red, yellow-gray, and green-gray colors available as well.


3. TETON Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight

I went back and forth between the Teton and my Marmot. But picked the Trestles 30 for its incredible weight. Now don’t get me wrong, its also as ultralight as it gets at 1.9kg (4.1 pounds in freedom unit)

Weighing just a pound more than my #1 pick, it’s still a perfect choice if you need an ultralight, easy to pack and comfortable sleeping bag. It also costs twenty bucks less than my top pick.

People who use this bag say they literally sweat inside it at 45F degrees at night. But it gets a little bit colder at around 25F. Still, if you wear socks, long sleeve shirts and all, you’re going to have a comfortable night. Especially if you put your full head inside the bag and only leave a small breathing hole.

The only problem I can see with this one is, its pockets are oddly placed, and they stick out when you put your keys or phone in it, which could be a little uncomfortable.

Oh, one last thing; it’s water-resistant and one of the easiest to pack sleeping bags out there thanks to the compression bag that’s included in the price.

It is an f’ing steal and thinking back, I probably should have gone with this one. I didn’t realize it was water-resistant when I ordered mine a month ago. But at this price, I might as well add it to my all-season sleeping bags collection.

4. TETON Sports TrailHead +20F Ultralight

One of the guys in our travel group bought two of those. One for himself and another for his daughter. Even though it has a 20degrees survival rating, they had a really comfortable night where temperatures dropped below 50. She was lightly dressed too! Put on some thick, warm clothes, and you’re gonna sleep comfortably in freezing temperatures.

You aren’t exactly buying the lightest, nor warmest sleeping bag. But if budget is your main concern, you won’t find anything better than that. This is probably the cheapest sleeping bag on our roundup.


5. Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag

Another synthetic sleeping bag filled ThermaPro insulation that can be compressed easily, and it keeps the warm air in, cold our out too! 

If you like to put on some beautiful music before falling asleep under a beautiful night sky, it has a built-in storage pocket you’ll love. Put your phone or media player inside the safe pocket, wear your wired/wireless earbuds, and keep your valuables away from the mud, water, and morning dew.

It has a lower limit temperature of 20F, which is roughly around -6C 

Weighing at less than 1KG, it’s an extremely lightweight sleeping bag that’ll keep you warm during your 3 season hiking and camping trips.

Please note that unlike the TETON sleeping bag we looked at above, 20F is the survival temperature, not the comfort zone. Also, campers taller than 6 feet might want to look at better alternatives as its even the longest version still won’t be long enough for you.


That’s all folks. These are my top 3 best ultralight sleeping bags under $100. 2 of which I used myself. You could find many more budget, affordable lightweight sleeping bags in the market, but I haven’t looked into many of them just yet.

If you have some other sleeping bag in your mind that would fit in this list, let me know down in the comments.

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Best Budget Winter Sleeping Bags in 2020 (Lightweight & Extreme Cold)

Don’t have a proper sleeping bag, specially designed for winter use? In my humble opinion, it’s pretty much a suicide mission.

Whether it’s for traveling or camping, you need a good, cozy budget winter sleeping bag. It’s the first thing you should buy if you are an adrenaline junky enough even to consider camping/trekking below zero degrees.

best budget winter sleeping bags
best budget winter sleeping bags

Before my trip to mt Everest, I’ve done a lot of research on the topic and looked into dozens of different budget winter sleeping bags. Depending on your purpose, required temperature, down to the material used, there are so many options out there. So I thought I’d quickly share my findings with you guys.  You can also look at my best trekking poles article if you want to take solid steps towards your destination. (opens in a new tab)

All of the sleeping bags I’ve researched are perfect for temperatures below freezing. Also, they’re so lightweight; you will probably forget about their existence during your walk/climb.

Let’s start the list with what my favorite (and the one I own): Coleman.

Coleman 0°F Mummy

Best for: Tall and big people / cold weather

If you’re a big guy like me, you’re going to love the Coleman. I am 5 feet and 9 inches tall, and there’s plenty of room inside the Coleman for me.

This bad boy has ventilation windows all over. Simply unzip a couple of zippers, and let the cold air brush your body. This feature makes Coleman a perfect candidate if you want a 4-season sleeping bag, and don’t want to buy two for summer and winter.

The only downside about this bag is, placing it back in its carrying bag is torture. Ask for help from another person, or before putting it back to its case, properly roll it on the ground and make sure it’s as thin as possible.

Overall, it earns my 4 out of 5 stars because of its warm and thick build. If only it were a bit less bulky, it would get 5 out of 5 from me.

  • Great for tall people
  • 4-season
  • Has many pockets
  • Hard to put back to its bag


Browning Camping McKinley

Best for -20 Degree colds


This isn’t exactly budget, however thanks to an outer layer, made out of 210T nylon, it can protect you up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its two-layer design reduces cold air, and the insulation helps keep the hot air inside and the cold air outside, where it belongs!

Now I don’t personally own this mummy sleeping bag, nor have I ever slept in one of them. But I talked to fellow campers who own it.

An army veteran friend of mine is deployed in Alaska at the moment, and he frigging loves it!

Now he never really tested this bag’s temperature limits. He sleeps in temperature around -20 F, IN HIS JUMPERS! And it still manages to keep you warm and cozy. Also, note that it takes a lot of space and weighs about twelve pounds. So it might not be the best option for backpacking. But it sure will keep you warm!

It also has a nice little compression sack that allows you to quickly put it away in the morning.


FARLAND Sleeping bag

Best Waterproof Sleeping Bag

This place is coming up

  • Great for kids
  • 4-season
  • Has many pockets
  • Waterproof
  • Hard to put back on its bag



Down vs synthetic sleeping bag? How to choose:

Since the primary concern of this article is affordability, I’ll straight out point out the main difference between down and synthetic sleeping bags: Price. Duh.

Whether its goose or duck, down sleeping bags, generally cost hundreds of dollars more compared to synthetic counterparts due to their scarcity and high demand. Simply because it is natural, offers excellent durability, warmth, and it could be more compressible than some of the synthetic ones, which is crucial if you don’t want it to take up too much space in your bag.

Related: Best Trail Running Shoes for Hiking

Now, if you think you don’t mind paying a bit extra for more comfort, warmth, and less weight, go with a down bag. If, however, you don’t want to spend all your budget on a bag, you might want to consider a Synthetic insulation sleeping bag.

They aren’t certainly the most lightweight, nor the most exciting winter sleeping bags out there. But you sure can count on their reliability when the weather conditions are harsh, and all you care about is surviving in an unforgiving, tough environment below zero degrees.

There are few advantages synthetic bags have over down ones; mainly the price, you can have a beautiful, cozy sleeping bag for under $200. But on the other hand, they provide wet-resistance simply better than others due to the polymer material used.

Are winter sleeping bags safe?

The answer is, it depends.

As long as you buy from a trustworthy brand, and make sure your sleeping bag isn’t damaged. Yes, they are safe. Before you make a purchase, check out its temperatures are within the upper/extreme limits. and complies with EN 13537 Standards

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Best Trekking Poles for Hunting in 2020 (Buying guide & How to)

Whether you are about to embark on a fun weekend jaunt or are looking to thru-hike across the backcountry, you need to invest in a sturdy pair of trekking poles. You would be surprised at the level of comfort and stability they can add to your hike. While they are not absolutely essential, a lot of backpackers swear by them for a wide array of reasons.

In addition to offering additional stability while moving over technical terrain or hauling a hefty load, the best trekking poles offer a lot of benefits for easy trails as well. Not only do they alleviate the impact and load on ankles, knees, and hips when going downhill, they set a great rhythm when covering long distances and stave off injuries and strain. 

When it comes to selecting a good hunting trekking pole, durability and weight are important factors to consider. Luckily, recent breakthroughs have brought down the weight of most models to even under a pound. 

How To Choose The Right Hunting?

According to Hunter Guide, you should look for trekking poles incorporating a number of these most sought-after features:

  • Adjustable: Poles for hunting are designed to have adjustable lengths to be able to provide stability on different terrain. They can be extended anywhere from 24 to 55”, depending on whether you want to lengthen them when going downhill or shorten them when climbing uphill.
  • Non-adjustable: Not all trekkers want poles that are adjustable. If weight is your main concern, fixed-length poles are generally lighter in weight than their adjustable counterparts due to the fewer parts attached to them. This makes them a winner for those looking for the ultra-light pieces. If you already know what length you would need for your entire activity, these are the top poles for hunting for your needs. 
  • Foldable: Instead of collapsing into themselves unlike the trekking poles listed above, these ones function like tent poles. Foldable poles are not only a breeze to deploy, but they are also lightweight and packable. If you are a fast hiker or an ultrarunner, these are the trekking poles you need.
  • Shock absorbing Poles: These poles are quipped with internal springs that absorb shock when you are trekking downhill. When you are walking uphill, you can turn this feature off if you want. While anyone would appreciate this nice little feature, you would especially need it if you have unstable ankles, knees, or hips. 
  • Standard Poles: If price is your deciding factor, perhaps you are willing to compromise on value-added features like shock-absorbing. These are less expensive and lighter as a result. While they may not be able to absorb as much impact on a downhill trek, they do offer just as much support and balance as the other poles on our list.
  • Ultralight: Boasting less swing weight, these are easier to pack and carry and help you move quicker as a result. This is especially useful when you are out on a long hike. Most weigh even less than a pound. The pole’s shaft material allows them to maintain minimum weight.
  • Camera Mount: A lot of hiking staffs and trekking poles available on the market feature a built-in camera mount under the handle, allowing them to double as a monopod.

Which Shaft Material To Consider?

As mentioned above, the material of the shaft determines the overall weight of the trekking poles. Most trekking poles are crafted from one of these materials.

Aluminum: While definitely a more economical and durable choice, aluminum poles weight somewhere between 18-22 oz. per pair. The actual price and weight vary depending on the gauge of the pole, which can be anywhere 12-16mm. Aluminum can bend, but it is unlikely to break under duress.

Composite: The shafts of these poles are fabricated from lighter and less-expensive carbon, which is why they weigh somewhere between 12-18 ounces a pair. While they are generally shock absorbent, they are highly vulnerable to splintering or breakage under high stress. While this work fine in most terrain, you might want to switch to Aluminum poles in rugged, remotes areas.

Trekking Pole Grips

Most hiking poles for hunting feature ergonomic grips that come with a 15-degree corrective angle to keep your wrists in a comfortable and neutral position. This offers great support for light hiking. Trekking pole grips vary depending on the material used. The most popular trekking pole grip materials are: 

  • Cork: The best thing about cork grips is that they are unlikely to slip even if you have sweaty palms. In addition, they perfectly fit the contours of your hands, and decrease vibrations.
  • Foam: Foam feels the best in our hands and absorbs all the sweat from your hands for a firmer grip.
  • Rubber is best for cold-weather activities since it insulates hands from vibration, shock and cold. However, never use rubber in hot weather because it can cause blister in sweaty hands. 

6 Best Trekking Poles For Hunting in 2019-2020:

To ease your search, we have scoured the markets and tested dozens of trekking poles to create this ultimate buying list. All the items listed here offer a great balance of durability, value, weight, and comfort. Let’s dive in to see what we have discovered:

6. Montem Ultra Strong review

best trekking poles for hunting

  • Weight per pair: 19.2 oz.
  • Type: Telescoping (lever lock)
  • Shaft material: Aluminum
  • Grip: Foam

Even though Montem is a relatively young outdoor gear company, it is already churning out some of the trekking poles for trekking across the country, such as Leki. We absolutely dig their latest model, Ultra Strong, which is surprisingly so easy on the pockets, considering its aluminum build (crafted from the same material used in planes), comfortable foam grips and secure lever locks: at a mere $60, they can give any other trekking poles with half as many features a run for their money. Designed for all-season on-trail/off-trail versatility, we guarantee you, it doesn’t get better than this.

At a mere 19.2 oz, the poles might be a tad heavier than most other poles on our list, yet are light enough to accommodate backpackers and day hikers. Not to mention, the poles can be retracted to 24 inches with the help of adjustable quick locks, which is excellent for traveling. Similarly, you can easily lengthen the poles up to 53″, according to your needs. Each trekking pole is equipped with a padded strap to ensure an ergonomic grip. No more poles slipping again! Don’t worry about the price too, it’s one of the most affordable trekking poles out there.

5. Foxelli Trekking Poles review

  • Weight per pair: 7.6 oz.
  • Type: adjustable lock
  • Shaft material: 100 percent carbon foam cork 
  • Grip: Cork Foam

If you are thinking of buying a pair of all-around trekking poles, you should look for one that not only fits the bill but comes equipped with plenty of different accessories. Crafted from shock absorbent, ultralight 100% Carbon Fiber material, Foxelli Trekking poles absorb any noise and significantly reduce the impact on joints and bones. Most trekkers love the firm grip this product offers, especially while trekking up slopes. The cork handles render these trekking poles for hunting perfect for use in all seasons. These trekking poles help trekkers maintain balance in unsteady landforms such as marshy swamps, or while walking miles through caves, crossing streams or across the backcountry.

For most enthusiasts, the weight of the trekking poles is of the essence. At only 7.6 oz, these poles minimize arm fatigue, helping you speed up and go the extra mile without overexerting yourself. Thermoplastic rubber tips firmly latch on to the staffs so that they won’t be lost in mud or snow, or when Snagged. It can be extended up to 55″ via an adjustable lock, depending on the needs of the trekker. The poles come with large baskets to be used for snow in rough terrains, and smaller ones for the feet and mud, to be used on smoother surfaces. This durable design allows you to be well-prepared for even the most challenging mountaineering expeditions. 

4. Kelty Upslope 2.0 Trekking Poles review

  • Weight per pair: 20 oz.
  • Included: tracking basket/snow basket
  • Shaft material: 6061 Series Anodized Aluminum
  • length: adjustable (35″-54″)

By minimizing fatigue and enhancing stability, the highly pocket-friendly Kelty Upslope 2.0 trekking poles make sure you have a fantastic time on the trek. Telescoping adjustability via a reliable twist-lock mechanism allows you to adjust at a comfortable height between 35-54″, depending on your needs. Constructed from durable and extremely lightweight 6061 anodized aluminum, these poles are extremely easy to carry around in your luggage. 

Padded straps reduce strain on your wrists and add to the level of comfort provided by these trekking poles, while the EVA foam handles offer a secure and comfortable grip, even for people with sweaty and clumsy palms. Regardless of whether you are using these trekking poles indoors, on improved surfaces, or rocky terrain, non-slip carbide tips provide you with all the support and stability you need. Standard trekking baskets are included with the purchase, but you can also purchase additional snow baskets for winters. 

3. REI Co-op Flash Carbon Trekking Pole review

What we especially love about the REI Co-op Flash Carbon Trekking poles is how they manage to strike the perfect balance between strong and light. The collapsible tri-section design keeps them incredibly lightweight, while the strong lever lock helps you adjust the length to your need. The poles collapse to 23″, which is quite compact for telescoping poles. With its thin carbon fiber shaft and foam handles, these poles weigh just under 425 grams, the lightest we have seen so far. 

These trekking poles come with a super-comfortable foam hands grip and a reliable flick-lock system. Not only are they easy to adjust, but they also are not likely to slip, no matter how much weight you place on them. Not just that, the adjustable wrist strap allows them to fit snugly around your hand for a higher grip.

2. Black Diamond Distance Carbon review

  • Weight per pair: 9 oz.
  • Grip: EVA foam
  • Shaft material: 100% carbon fiber construction
  • Tip: rubber/carbide

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z is one of the good poles for hunting, geared towards hardcore mountain adventurers who like to travel light and fast. With 100% carbon construction, it weighs a mere 9 oz and comes equipped with a three-section foldable design that helps you deploy them in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is grab the grip and the first shaft section and pull them away from each other. Each speed cone stiffens the joint when the pole is locked. The pole will snap into place and lock. No more endless fiddling with the poles when you are on a roll.

A lightweight EVA foam grip and non-scarring rubber tech tips mark it a major innovation to the trekking pole market, making it perfect for long-distance treks, speed hiking, and even ultra-running for miles. Interchangeable tips make them versatile for various terrains. Just over a foot long when compacted, it easily fit into a duffel bag or daypack for traveling purposes. However, bear in mind that while the poles are reasonably sturdy, they are not durable enough to withstand the rigors of snow travel or in extended alpine use. 

If you want something that is lightweight, and solid as a rock, go with the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z.

1. Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Quick Lock review

  • Weight per pair: 16 oz.
  • Included: tracking basket/snow basket
  • Shaft material: 100% carbon fiber 
  • Length: adjustable (26″-54″)

Here’s what we love about the Cascade Mountain Tech Quick Lock: Price-wise, it satisfies, packing all the features you would typically find in a much pricier product. Weighs a mere 16 ounces, they are a breeze to carry. When you are moving up steep hills, exploring the backcountry, the comfortable cork grips slide down to adjust on the pole shaft for a firmer grip. The nice part, when you are on a hike without your tools, the thumbscrew on the quick lock adjustment levers allow you to adjust the level on the fly. They even come equipped with snow and mud baskets and four sets of additional tip covers. These trekking poles also include tungsten carbide tips and adjustable wrist straps. The good part is that this pole comes with a travel bag, which you would find quite handy when stowing the poles while traveling or hauling along spare tips.

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The Best Trail Running Shoes for Hiking and Running Across Rugged Terrains

Running on a rugged land is fairly difficult compared to taking a jog in your hometown park or a cobbled street down the alleyway. What you require is a pair of shoes that hold the strength of carrying you through steep gradients so you don’t have to face any such difficulty of slipping down.

When it comes to hiking, boots are the first thing to click your mind. However, boots aren’t the only option you have when you are planning a hiking trip. Many hikers now prefer wearing trail shoes.

These low-cut footwears are some of the trending and most reliable shoes circulating the market.

Are you anytime soon planning a hiking trip for yourself? Here are some of the best footwear for you.

The Best Trail Running Shoes for Hiking

ASICS Men’s ‘Gel-Venture 5’ Trail Running Shoes in Black

ASICS Men’s ‘Gel-Venture 5’ Trail Running Shoes in Black

Planning to hit the trails anytime soon? Don’t forget to check the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 5 trail shoes. Why these babies are so special? It’s because they come with a rearfoot gel cushion which really helps with achieving the perfect comfort level. Not only that, but it also offers leg protection.

The design material is 100% synthetic. It contains a rubber sole along with the rearfoot gel cushioning. There are plenty of color options so if you’re choosy about colors then don’t worry at all.


Balance Men’s Nitrel V1 FuelCore Trail Running Shoes

Balance Men's Nitrel V1 FuelCore Trail Running Shoes

Do you have wide feet? In case you do, then the Nitrel V1 FuelCore is the best for your wide feet. If you’ve back injuries and you want a pair of shoes which can offer you the perfect ground stability, this pair can offer you that and much more. It is the best option if you seek speed and performance.

The shoe is lightweight and enables you to cover maximum distance with ease. The mesh of the shoe allows your feet to easily breathe. The bottom of the shoe is tough so don’t worry about wear and tear.


Adidas Men’s Questar Trail Running Shoes

Adidas Men’s Questar Trail Running Shoes

It comes with a two-tone mesh where the outer mesh provides excellent comfort and breathability to your feet. What makes this Adidas product unique and effective is its heavy-duty outsole which offers the ultimate grip and supreme performance. It allows the wearer to run on any rugged elevated terrain.

The shoe also contains a cloud foam cushioning which is the secret behind the comfort, this pair has to offer. In fact, customers on Amazon have found these pairs one of the most comfortable wears.


Salomon Speed Cross 4 Trail Running Shoes

Salomon Speed Cross 4 Trail Running Shoes

A shoe design specifically made by the Francois Salomon who held immense traction for snow sports. These are created for all the snow-loving athletes out there. They are a great design and are best for running on snowy tracks. In fact, some customers have claimed that they are quite durable.

However, if you choose to wear the following pair to climb through elevated surfaces and rugged tracks, there is a strong chance that they can easily wear off after covering around 80 to 100 miles.


ASICS Men’s Gel-Kahana 8 Trail Runner

If you’re seeking a shoe design that does not settle on quality? Then need not look any further than the ASICS Men’s Gel-Kahana 8. The laces on these pairs are thick and do not open away once the knot is tied up. The tread of the shoes is aggressive and does a fair job protecting the foot from pointy edges. The gel sole is also very credible and noteworthy; especially when you’re going downhill, you will not have to apply too much force on the foot. The foot stays comfortably sunken so you don’t slip.

You can easily run up to 50-60 miles every week but it will eventually wear off in approx. six months.


ASICS Men’s Gecko XT

The shoe is carefully designed keeping the shoe responsiveness in mind. The Gecko XT trail runners are a lightweight shoe design and locks on your feet for good. It’s what makes the shoe design perfect for any foot-type. The Gecko XT is a great trail runner indeed, especially if you want to take a run on the rugged terrains. It also features an anti-gravel tongue which keeps all the unnecessary debris away

There are mixed reviews for the shoes on the Amazon market, but it has its fair share of recognition. If you haven’t made up your mind for a good durable trail runner yet, take a look! It might interest you.


Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 4 Runner

If you like to keep the flexibility and physique element in mind, the Merrell Men’s trail glove 4 runner is a pair that can offer you both. Yes, it is sophistically designed and gives the perfect arch support to the wearer. The shoe is an easy fit and can easily slip on your foot as light as air and is well balanced.

The best thing about these pairs is that it gives enough space so your toes don’t get molded in.

These shoes are a decent pair and truly deserve a look if you want to settle with something reliable.